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4C Lives Matter: Love Your Hair Texture

Posted by Teonna Ealy on

Being natural is the best decision i’ve ever made in my life. It helped me to embrace my true beauty and love myself the way that I am. However, I’ve noticed a little hair grouping in our community. I see that people commend those of us who are natural with a looser curl pattern and we isolate those with a tighter curl. Personally I believe that you can say that the way that one person’s hair grows naturally out of their scalp is better than the next.

So this is for you girls out there with hair that ranges from 4A-4C, Your Hair is beautiful!

I understand that there are not a lot of naturals that represent you so here are a few people with tighter curls that are bomb and you should follow, hopefully this helps you see your hair as beautiful.


She slays continuously and has bomb tutorials on hoe to stretch your 4c hair to get that length that everyone wants. She is beautiful and embraces her kinky her.

@Ma Luchi

Moment of silence for this look cause she killed it! Seriously she is wonderful when it comes to makeup and she also switches up her natural hair often and embraces its texture. If you wanna fall in love with your coils all over again definitely look into her youtube channel.

@Chizi Duru

This amazing woman also serves new looks and on her channel you can find any thing from twist out tutorials to natural looking wigs fit just for those with kinkier textured hair.

If you have 4A-4C hair tell me why you love it and if there are some people that you know who rock their hair unapologetically tell us about them!


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  • What products are good for kinkier hair patterns

    Nat on
  • What’s a good way to find out what kind of hair texture you have? I have curly hair but I’m not sure what category it falls under!

    ADillard on

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