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Best Transitioning Hairstyles

Posted by Raven Durden on

To this day the most difficult thing I’ve probably ever had to do was transition. The only thing harder than figuring out natural hair is figuring out transitioning hair. Do you remember those blocks that were different shapes you used to play with as a kid? You basically had to fit them in their correct hole, depending on the shape.  Well transitioning hair can feel like you have a square and circle block with one triangle hole. My premature big chop was largely due to my lack of patience with my transitioning hair. After a while transitioning hair just becomes tiring. Fortunately, my hair was not damaged, and it didn’t break off, however, that was largely due to the styles I decided to wear.  Here are some of the the best transitioning hairstyles to help with your journey.

transitioning hairstyles

Twist and Curl

The twist and curl is a great transitioning hairstyle because it helps you become adjusted to both shorter hair and curly hair. With the twist and curl your hair shrinks to different lengths depending on the size of the perm rod you use, the size of your twists, and how closely you roll the perm rod to your scalp. While transitioning my almost bra strap length hair turned into a medium sized afro. I suggest the twist and curl over just using perm rods because twisting the length of your hair and then stopping about 3/4’s of the way and rolling the rest helps to stretch the roots more and for tighter coils that is extremely important for avoiding matting. With transitioning hair, regular twist outs tend to result in stringy ends.

transitioning hairstyles

Box Braids

I wore box braids for basically the whole semester that I transitioned. They are a great transitioning hairstyle for people who have busy weeks and weekends. I had to wake up super early for class, did homework and readings during the night and went to parties all the time during the weekend. I needed something that allowed me to wake up and go, properly moisturize my hair, and still looked decent enough to party in. A weave was completely out of the equation for three reasons. Firstly, my leave out would be a mess. I got box braids to avoid further heat damage, and my hair would constantly need to be flat ironed to blend with my weave. The first reason and second are tied together, transitioning hair and sweat box parties do not go together. However, both of these problems can be fixed with a lace closure. Finally, I still have not mastered moisturizing my hair without getting a my weave oily.

transitioning hairstyles

Occasional Straightening

Straightening your hair helps to blend the two textures. There is also a lot less guess work when it comes to straightening your hair because you’re used to the style. However, you should absolutely avoid straightening your hair if your hair is already damaged or broken.  Not only will the results be choppy, you are further damaging the hair you are trying to keep on your head. Also frequently straightening your hair can and cause heat damage. For the first 4 months of my transition I got a Dominican blowout every two weeks. Consequently, I lost all four months of that growth due to heat damage.

How are you dealing with your transitioning hair? What are your favorite transitioning hairstyles?  We want to hear from you!

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