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How to Rock a Nude Lip

Posted by Alicia Johnson on

Nude lips are a touchy topic for women of color. It is very difficult to make it look natural on our darker skin color. On top of that, most makeup brands don’t make nude lipsticks that suit our skin tone. These factors can make you wonder if it is even possible to rock a nude lip with darker skin. This can be frustrating, but I have a quick tip on how to make a nude lipstick look a little more subtle. This tip is especially great for those of us that have a nude lipstick laying around in our makeup collection that just doesn’t look quite right.

Brown lip liner is the answer!

nude lip

Brown lip liner is the answer to the infamous “concealer lip” conundrum. The lip liner I use is by NYX cosmetics in the color “Earth Tone.” This shade works for me, but you may have to shop around to find one that perfect for you. I simply apply a dark brown lip liner to my lips before I apply my lipstick. This method works because it creates a gradual transition from your lipstick color to you skin. The inner part of your lips will remain nice and nude, but the outer part will darken slightly (much like a gradient). I have provided some photographic evidence, in case you don’t believe me!


As you can see, the color is just too flat on my lips. It makes my lips disappear, which is not the look I’m going for. This is exactly how I don’t want my lips to look: flat, pale, and boring.


The difference between those two photos is amazing! Now, my lips look a lot more defined and subtle. It suits my skin and also makes my lips look a bit fuller. I like this trick a lot because I can still make use all of the lipsticks that don’t quite suit my skin tone. I can imagine you can use this trick with other lip colors, but I have only personally tried it with nude lipstick.

I hope this quick tip helps you the next you want to rock nude lipstick. If have any makeup tricks of your own, or just general feedback, make sure to leave a comment down below!

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