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Curly Girl Friendly Extensions: Companies you should know about!

Posted by Teonna Ealy on

Extensions is a good way to protect your hair and is one of the most common ways we choose to protective style. The mistake that some of us make is when we get straight hair and damage our leave outs. After purchasing nice hair adding on a frontal or closure can be a little out of our budget, but don't worry as always I have the answers. Curly extensions that match your natural texture can be your savior, and here are a few companies you should know about.

Big Chop Hair


This company sells 100% human hair tailored towards natural textured hair. They have everything from spiral and cork screw curls to kinky curly hair. You can purchase wigs, clip-ins ,extensions ,and even closures at their website. I even love their cute little logo. They have real pictures of people who have actually worn their hair on the site and you guys should definitely check them out if your looking for a little more volume or length in your hair.

Kurly Klips


This company is highly regarded apparently. They offer a variety of natural hair extension also and they have great reviews from Essence magazine and the Huffington post. What I like about this company the most is the story behind the brand. I've seen their work all over Instagram and if your a little curious and want to see what the hype is about check them out on their site.

Heat Free Hair Movement

This company is also a favorite of mines and look at their logo, it is so cute. They have a blog and their own community where they exchange information and tips on products and maintenance. They were also mentioned in Essence as well as Ebony magazine. You guys should definitely visit the site and check out their collection o wigs and extensions because they are everything.

That is all I have for you guys today and those were only a few of the many companies that offer these products. Leave any questions or comments that you may have. Tell me about any hair companies that cater to natural hair that you know about and tell me what you think about the ones I posted.

Love you guys for commenting so keep it up! 

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