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Defying Society: #NoMakeup Movement

Posted by Adrienne Gossett on

There is no denying the fact we as humans have created a society that demands perfection. While we promote individuality and following our own path, there is an invisible mold that we’re silently told we have to fit. The way we look, the way we speak, how much we weigh, all under society’s microscopic lens. And while these pressures are felt by both men and women, it’s women who catch the brunt of society’s judgement. When we aren’t the “ideal” size or our hair isn’t quite right, we’re marked as unsatisfactory under society’s perfection rule.

As women we are taught to conceal what makes us undesirable in order to be a step closer to perfection. Even if that means concealing what makes who we are. Freckles are hidden by makeup. Curly hair controlled by relaxers and straighteners. Bodies shaped by spandex and waist trainers. When are we going to start accepting each other for who we are without the pressure to conceal?

In an inspiring essay written by Alicia Keys, she depicts the struggles women go through to fit in and to look a certain way.

“...women are brainwashed into feeling like we have to be skinny, or sexy, or desirable, or perfect.”

Tired of seeing the constant judgement and ridicule women face on a daily bases, Keys has vowed to go makeup free. To stop concealing a part of what makes her who she is. What makes her human.  Her stance has caught Insta-fire since her essay went viral in May. Searching #NoMakeup on Instagram currently results in over 12 million posts and growing. Other celebrities have also joined in including Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Laverne Cox, Chrissy Teigen, Megan Fox, and Beyonce. All postings pictures of their natural selves.

Now don’t get it twisted. Keys has made it clean that she is not anti-makeup or against those who wear it. It is simple a choice she has made for herself. And while “going natural” is nothing new, her stance has resonated with fans making them feel empowered.

As a women I’ve been told most of my life how I should look and what is considered acceptable in the eyes of others. It’s enlightening to know that it’s okay to wipe away standard and be human for once. Flaws and all.

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