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Girls Night Essentials

Posted by Teonna Ealy on

So every girl needs a girls night every once in a while. You do a spa day with a little wine, if you are of age, and just relax with your girls. There are a few essentials that you must have to make the night go perfectly.


Every good girls night has to have facials. The best type of facials for a good clean feeling is a good oatmeal scrub. St Ives is a really affordable scrub that cleanses and get rid of blackheads.

Oatmeal is good for the skin and leaves the skin soft and smooth. If a scrub isn't your cup of tea then a good face mask will be the perfect thing for you.  


A peel mask just leaves the skin refreshed and removes build up. The peel makes are pore cleansers and remove excess dirt,oil,and blackheads. A good mask is the charcoal mask and the D'or 24k facial mask.


To keep the mood up and set the stage for a good night entertainment is key. Bad entertainment can ruin a good night. Good entertainment for a girls not is definitely Netflix.

A good chick flick or a classic oldie will have everyone either in tears or their hearts melting. Another entertainment method to keep the party going is music. Some Anita Baker and Al Green will definitely have the girls up and moving.


This is the last but most essential part of the whole entire night,Food! Snacks snacks, and more snacks are what you will need to end the night on a good note.

Good spa foods to have are small and light but fatty and unhealthy. Ice cream, soda and plain chips with dip. Technically plain chips are light so you should indulge. I almost forgot about the chocolate. Chocolate ,preferably dark, Is a must have and it helps end the night on a sweet note.

That's it for my essentials for a girls night. I hope you guys enjoyed my little must haves and as always leave comments. Let me know some things you do on your girls night or some things that I forgot.

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