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Makeup for Beginners: 3 easy tips

Posted by Teonna Ealy on

 As we all know makeup is supposed to enhance your beauty, but sometimes if not done right you can look.. INTERESTING. We look on instagram and see everyone with a beat face and we want to have that too. Let’s be honest most of us are not as good as some of the people we see, and we definitely want to avoid some big beginner makeup fails and end up looking like this guy.


So… I’m going to hook yall up with a few tricks for beginners to Fake a beat and along the way I will give you some key don'ts for beginners.


This is a major key for anyone just starting in makeup. Finding the right foundation is a essential because you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask. The solution to this is to use a BB Cream that way it just mixes on your skin and you can get a good realistic look.


If you’re like me and you love the summer glow look, an easy way to make your face pop is to use highlighter. A little highlighter on the tip of your nose and your cheekbones can bring life and shine to your face. If you really want that extra Glow you can put it on your cupid’s bow. Anastasia has amazing highlighter and it’s kinda affordable, no more than forty dollars. A major key to avoid a epic fail is to remember a little can go a long way. You can also add a little bit in your tear ducts to turn a boring look into something pippin.

Killer wing:

A wing is a nice way to add a pop to your look. I know as a beginner after trying to do a wing some of us like myself,end up looking like we just watched Titanic or were caught in the rain. I have found our salvation. They have new eyeliner stencils that create a perfect wing every time. You can get them from Ulta or walgreens.


You guys can thank me later for these easy tips to start you off on your makeup journey. Let me know some other easy tips to stay beat because I am always in the mood to slay.What other tricks do you use and what products?

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  • Another tip would be to apply your foundation of choice with a damp beauty blender! It blends the foundation easily and helps you avoid a cakey look.

    ADillard on

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