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Makeup Goodies: B.O.M.B

Posted by Teonna Ealy on

I know you have been waiting for another slay from yours truly but this one is going to be B.O.M.B! These goodies are not only BOMB but they are Black Owned Makeup Brands. With everything that has been going on in the black community we need to uplift and support each other. Recently I have been trying to assert my power in the form of the almighty dollar and I've been trying to support black owned businesses. Most of us spend a pretty penny on a good beat and I figured why not put my money somewhere where it will have an effect or make a difference. I want you guys to take this journey with me so here are a few good black owned makeup businesses that you should check out.

F.Y.I If you are looking for actual tutorials or inspiration looks with B.O.M.B check out these beauties on youtube doing the B.O.M.B challenge. Their faces are beat to perfection using only black owned makeup brands.

@Toni Olaoye














@Jessica Pettway













Lena Lashes

This company has some very nice eyelashes and they are only ten dollars. The faves for this line have to be the GiGi lashes and the Dimma lashes. These are definitely a good buy!


This company has everything and some people ,like myself, didn't even know that this was a black owned brand. Their foundation sticks for conturing  are everything.


This is also an already well known line that I never knew was black owned . They have bomb primers .


Everyone knows about the Sacha buttercup setting and press powder and this is a must have to your collection period.


This company has some of the best pigmented eyeshadows that I've seen. They have a wide range of matte liquid lipsticks that fit every skin tone.


This line is made by the beautiful Keshia Dior. Her products cruelty free and vegan. Her lipsticks are very colorful and bold, plus she dates my imaginary uncle rapper Gucci Mane.

There are many more B.O.M.B that I am sure I did not talk about so if you know some let me know. Also if you are looking for more B.O.M.B or B.O.B in general let me know. 

Side note lets take a moment to appreciate Solange and her anthem describing my entire left..#Don'tTouchMyHair!




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