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Sisters That Slay: The Knowles

Posted by Teonna Ealy on

Beyonce's Lemonade slayed any possible competition. This has to be one of her best album and she delivers so much refreshing content through her music. I literally die every time I hear freedom. Yoncé has been going off this year and after the year she has been having who could or would at least try to compete with her? Apparently, baby sis Solange would. Solange has released her album A Seat At The Table and once I was seated I could not get up. This is her first number one album and I feel so proud,its like when your little sister finally is tall enough for the big kid rides. These two have become sisters that slay and we love them for it. 

The album gave me major Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill vibes. It was so nostalgic and mellow. Solange is stepping out of her big sister's shadows and has her own thirst trap ready Instagram caption. I can see it now under every Instagram post the caption "don't touch my hair".  These are some of the lyrics to the new natural girl anthem "Don't touch my hair". Needless to say both of these sisters have been putting in work this year and I am definitely here for it.

One time for that black excellence

Not only are they slaying musically they are just winning in life. They have a vampire for a step sister for goodness sakes! Bianca Lawson has legitimately been a teenager all my life but I digress. Beyoncé and Solange are extremely talented but let's not forget how stylish the sisters that slay truly are.

Exhibit A : Iconic Wedding

sisters that slay

Name somebody ,anybody who had a better wedding party. I"ll wait!

sisters that slay


Exhibit B-Z: They Slay Everythingsisters that slay

They are winning at fashion, motherhood, hair and even their parents are over-achievers. It's like they had no choice but to become sisters that slay. 

I'm convinced they are the new sibling G.O.A.TS

Comment any thoughts on the album or anything about their style. Did you love it or did you love it a lot. Talk to me I love to hear from you.

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