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Stay Fly and Dry : Beauty Hack For Sweat

Posted by Teonna Ealy on

I think everyone can agree with me when I say that the only thing  that a girl hates more than a bad hair day is when she gets super fly and sweats in her outfit. I sweat like a beast. It's so bad that I might go home and change my outfit because the shirt is ruined. Trust me I know it can be a little embarrassing walking around with sweat stains but as always I got yall.  

(I feel like this is how y'all be reading my posts, like yass Teonna come through deliver us!)

I don’t want to keep you all waiting sweating for the secrets so here are just a few tips to stay dry and fly.

Panty Liners

I know this may seem a little weird, but if your going out and you have a shirt with sleeves or mid-length sleeve, you just apply panty liners within the armpits of the shirt so they gather all of the sweat.

Tape and paper towels/tissue

It's the same as using the panty liner method except, you simply tape the paper towels or tissue under your arms.

Baby Powder

Using baby powder before your normal deodorant is a little trick I learned that can make you sweat less, so you can avoid those sweat stains on your shirt.

Loose shirts

If you wear loose shirts, your underarms are not really making direct contact with the fabric and eliminates those embarrassing sweat stains.


Apple cider vinegar is definitely like another coconut oil. It can be used for anything. In this case taking a shot of ACV or a spoonful with a glass of water works as a detoxifier. If you are getting all that bad stuff out of your system, your body feels lighter. Personally, I feel like I sweat less now that I use this method.

Bonus: this can help you lose inches around the waists too.

An extra tip for those who want to get rid of sweat stains and the strong smell of sweat in your clothes, use vinegar for the smell as well as baking soda and peroxide to remove any yellowish stains. This works specifically for white clothes.

Well, that is all I have for you guys today. Let me know of any beauty hacks you have discovered and continue to read!

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  • These are all great suggestions! Thanks Teonna!

    ADillard on

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