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Battle of the Edge Controls

Posted by Richeae Ferguson on

Whether relaxed or natural, there is ONE goal  we all have in common and it’s to have those edges LAID!!!! This is usually the last step when styling your hair as it completes the look leaving you with a nice and polished finish. Having your edges intact is crucial as not doing so could play a crucial role in making or breaking your hairstyle. If you’re natural (like myself), this is especially important when wearing wigs or sew-ins as you need an edge control that will lay and smooth your edges without it curling back up. The SHE Team has been on the hunt for years trying to find the best edge control! I will share our top picks with you and my personal experience with each.



Creme Of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges This was one of the first edge controls that I tried (and loved) on my natural hair. It gives me a  strong hold and it’s also very inexpensive. You can purchase these in any Beauty Supply Store, Drugstore, Wal-mart or Target for $6 or less. I also tried the ORS Olive Edge control and (in comparison to the Creme of Nature) it doesn’t stand a chance!!! Now it gave me a good hold, however, the white cast, flakes and residue that it leaves is just not worth it. That being said, Creme of Nature Perfect Edges is (and will always be) a staple in my edge control collection.


kera care This stuff is the BOMB.COM! Like seriously, it’s that good! The SHE family is always eager and ready to try new products on ourselves to make sure they are of good quality before we recommend them to you; our valued customers and fans. So Sheena ended  up picking this up, and she got one for me to try and we both had the same response: AMAZING! What made it even better was that it really smoothed out my edges. I was still transitioning and wearing my sew-ins or wigs at the time so having smooth edges was very important.


dr miracles When I first tried this product I recommended it to everyone I knew (especially since it was just as inexpensive as the Creme of Nature)! This gave me a medium hold. I used this for quite some time before noticing that my edges would still curl back up after a few hours. Now that could be attributed to the time of year when I started using it, which was Spring/Summer (which meant it was hot and I was probably sweating). Overall, it’s still a wonderful edge control and it gets the job done.


Hicks_Edges_Top_1000__08527.1405380570.1280.1280 The SHE Fam was introduced to this product after watching YouTube videos of our girl Angie (@PrettyGyrlAngie). She didn’t have to say much to get us to want to try this product because the proof was in the pudding!!! After watching her apply this and smooth here edges out with a comb I was sold! (Click HERE to watch the video) This does cost more (about $13-$15) however, I think the size of the jar compensates for that. One jar is probably equivalent to about 2-3 of the Dr. Miracle’s or Creme of Nature Edge Controls.   I swear by the 4 products! They are like the holy grail of all edge controls and the entire SHE family can attest to that! My hair is very thick and coarse. If I had to give it a hair type, I would say it’s a 4B/C and babaaay let me tell you, these products will have your edges laid like none other. It’s hard to pick a favorite because I love them all!  I recommend you try each product to determine which best works for you.   Talk to me! What do you use to lay your edges? Have you ever tried any of the ones I just listed? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Leave your responses in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!!!   Until next time… -Richeae F.   *This article was originally published to by Richeae F. Connect with on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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