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2 Weeks to Baby Soft Feet

Posted by Richeae Ferguson on

Are you tired of your feet snagging the sheets? Or how about spending anywhere from $30-$60 on weekly pedicures (which only keep your feet looking nice and feeling soft for a few days). If you’re anything like me, I’d rather spend that money on clothes, shoes, or makeup. After watching a few videos on YouTube, I decided to purchase this product called Baby Foot and I must say the product definitely lives up to its word! The best part about it is, it’s ONLY $25 (still cheaper than what a lot of places charge for a basic pedicure). Not only is Baby Foot cheaper, but the results are AMAZING and they last for a few months vs a few days with a salon pedicure. You actually get baby soft feet. I purchased my Baby Foot from What I like about the site is that all of the products have either been used or tested from a team of Beauty Experts and Chemists (allowing me to shop with confidence). Did you know that your feet can have up to 80 layers of dead skin cells? Baby Foot contains 17 natural plant and fruit extracts, which are able to penetrate those dead layers of skin leaving behind smooth and soft feet. Baby Foot gets to the root of the problem and takes away all the dead layers that a razor or pumice stone couldn’t possibly remove in one sitting. While I’m on the subject, you shouldn’t (nor should you allow your nail technician) to use a razor on your feet. Not only can it cause permanent damage to your feet, it also increases your risk of infection through cuts
by unsterilized tools.

Here’s How Baby Foot works:
  • Each box contains  one-time use only gel packs (both my husband and I shared a box – he did a one hour treatment after I was done with mines) we both received the same awesome results! In fact, I was worried initially because his feet began peeling before my own!
  • Remove any toenail polish and wash your feet thoroughly to remove lotions and oil
  • Place your feet in the packs and use the tape provided to secure the packs around your ankles. You can use extra tape (if needed) to ensure that the packs are secure around your feet and ankles.
  • Place the sock provided over the gel packs.
  • After one hour, remove the packs and wash your feet with soap and water.
  • Your feet will start to peel anywhere from 2-6 days after your treatment
The makers of Baby Foot suggest that you repeat the treatment every two (2) months. For those with excessive dead skin cells on their feet, a follow up treatment is recommended 1-2 weeks after the first treatment. Here are a few photos of my feet before and after use of Baby Foot.



Before 3   


photo 4 (3)         photo 4 (2)


photo 2  
I hope you found this helpful as it SAVES lots of money and time spent in Nail Salons. Remember, if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below!
Until next time! -Richeaé
*This article was originally published on by Richeae F.

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