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About Us

My Color of Beauty is marketplace for diverse women to find information on how to use hair products, apply makeup and implement skin care routines with proven products. Diverse women from various ethnic backgrounds, individually, have unique hair, makeup and skin care needs. We want to be your beauty solution. 

Here you will find products, articles and video tutorials to help you achieve the look that is right for your facial concerns, skin tone and hair textures. We continue to search high and low for the best beauty brands that meet your needs and we promise to help you them use them in the most innovative ways.

Do  you or do you know someone who has their own beauty products? We are always sourcing new products for you.


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Our beauty advice is curated by many beauty bloggers and YouTube personalities that we have appropiately dubbed - Beauty Experience Officers/ B.E.O. They know what they are talking about through their own experiences and that is valuable to women who just want to get the right look or try something new. We are always on the look out for new B.E.O.'s to serve you.

If you like what you see, feel like we could be doing more, want to be a B.E.O., then give us a shout at